High Performance Coatings

Industrial Applications & Areas of Expertise

GLASS SHIELD products have an excellent reputation and a long history of outstanding performance in a wide variety of industrial applications. Our suite of epoxy primers and polyurethane coatings provide continuous long-term protection under the most severe conditions, including: water treatment basins, transport fleets, pipelines, and many other structure sand containment areas.

When you need extra corrosion protection, but don’t want to sacrifice appearance and wear resistance, look to GLASS SHIELD for unmatched performance and reliability. GLASS SHIELD products provide an attractive finish as well as a powerful line of defense against a wide range of chemicals and environmental conditions that can cause deterioration and decay of industrial materials.

Below is a partial listing of major industries in which GLASS SHIELD products have demonstrated a proven track record and commitment to excellence in a variety of operating environments.

Glass Shield paints

For a more comprehensive listing or to select a paint product for aspecific application, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1 800-361-6652.