High Performance Coatings

Industrial high performance coatings

As the preferred industrial paint provider for several Fortune 500 companies, GLASS SHIELD is renowned for having the most effective and affordable industrial coating solutions on the market.

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), an operations manager for a transport fleet or a maintenance engineer with a municipality or public utility, you will benefit from GLASS SHIELD's technical expertise and vast selection of paint systems designed to meet the performance requirements of your particular application. These coating systems can be applied with varying life expectancy based on your project specifications and the protection you require.

For over a quarter century, GLASS SHIELD has led the way in researching and developing the industry's most innovative products and application techniques. Our team of highly qualified laboratory personnel allows us to continually expand and improve our product line to meet the ever changing needs of industry, technology and legislation. Given strict new federal regulations governing paint and coating systems, heightened standards of protection have been implemented to ensure the public’s safety. Fortunately, all of GLASS SHIELD's painting systems have been thoroughly tested by government agencies or independent laboratories to ensure our materials are of the highest quality. For example, we have products certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to be in contact with potable water supplies.