High Performance Coatings

Industrial Paint Solutions for OEMs

With today’s globalization and opening of new markets, and considering that competition is on the rise, you need to see and take advantage of new opportunities. With this in mind, the synergy between manufacturers and their suppliers becomes an essential added value. Glass Shield has developed the specialised BAM (Business Adapted to Manufacturers) program, which is designed exclusively for manufacturing. By putting its premium paints and its considerable expertise at your disposal, Glass Shield becomes a partner who will accompany you through every stage of your projects.


Analysis of your needs and operations

Glass Shield’s experts will carry out a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of all of your operations, work techniques, equipment, and the products that you use. They will then be able to offer you a coating system from their existing product line or develop one that will suit your needs. You will then have all the elements needed to control and/or reduce your operational costs and thus increase your productivity.

System development

The BAM program puts at your disposal a team made up of seasoned consultants, application trainers, and chemists who will work in close cooperation with your team. We will assist you during the analysis phases with ongoing improvement, problem solving, and research to meet the constant demand for new products.

Optimisation of your equipment and procedures

Under the BAM program, procedures as well as application equipment are examined to optimize their performance. Our collaboration with major application and ventilation equipment manufacturers allows, if need be, implementing new leading edge apparatus, while meeting the environmental and financial requirements of businesses.

Competitive rates

Your enrolment in Glass Shield’s BAM program is based on a rather long-term agreement. It will allow you to obtain all of the elements you need for the optimal control and reduction of your operational costs. Is that not what you should expect of a partner?

Procurement and storage according to your needs

We know that paint inventory availability and management are constant concerns. With the BAM program, Glass Shield offers you all of the logistical means needed to avoid stock shortages, while keeping inventory to a minimum. Leave it up to us, make your savings and concentrate on your operations.

To help OEM clients, GLASS SHIELD has developed a series of paints designed with quick dry times to increase productivity. With GLASS SHIELD you’ll get first class service from technical support and prompt delivery of your product.


From day one you will be assisted in the preparation and application of the first unit painted. A full written procedure can be submitted for you to use and keep on file. GLASS SHIELD also provides this to existing vendors who may be used to supplying pre-painted parts used in completing units.

If you are an OEM, please give us a call. We will review your project’s application requirements and physical operating conditions and recommend a system to suit your exact needs.